The Walking Dead: first info on the second part of season 11

walking dead season 11

“We’re going to open up our world a bit more and meet more people and see what’s happening for everyone …”

It will now be necessary to wait almost six months before discovering the continuation of season 11 of The Walking Dead. But the showrunner, Angela Kang, is already making revelations about what will take place in this second part, also composed of 8 episodes:

“You can say that the second part will start off epic with some really important and cool stuff, but also a lot of moving stuff. So 11B will have a pretty different vibe than 11A, which is not unusual for us in a season. We tend to change certain variables from one part to another.e “, Kang explains in EW.We will start to open up our world a little more and meet more people and see what is happening for everyone (…) Another group will surprise our people. And there’s going to be a really fun thriller vibe in this season 11B. Anyway, we liked writing that! “

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And then of course, this second part will put a little more emphasis on the Commonwealth, introducing the boss of the place, Pamela Milton. [Laila Robins]. The showrunner promises that we will explore “deeper into the Commonwealth with our characters. There are a number of characters that we will meet for the first time …”

The second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead will be broadcast from February 20, 2022 on AMC and in France on OCS in US + 24. And the series will end with a 3rd part, a final round of 8 episodes, expected in the summer of 2022.

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