The Walking Dead: Morgan has a plan to take on World Beyond’s new zombies

Fear the Walking Dead season 7

“Good if they run into me!”

The world The walking dead is perhaps changing for good, after the events of World Beyond and in particular this strange post-credits scene in France, presenting a new “variant” of the living dead, in France. Sharper, more edgy, stronger zombies. Will they end up landing in the other series of the franchise?

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Lennie James is waiting for them! The star of Fear the Walking Dead assures that Morgan Jones is ready to face this new breed of walkers:

“I can’t wait! Go ahead, send them! I’ve been waiting for the walkers to catch up for years”, launched the actor in the show Talking Dead, this weekend, specifying that he already has a strategy well in mind to defeat them:

“I stand there, I wait for them to run at me, I pull out a stick, I wait for another to come, and bang in the head. Good if they run on me! I want them to come. throw themselves on me so that I can do twirl my stick and eliminate them all at high speed. “

Here’s a solid plan, Lenny. The fact remains that until these genetically modified zombies cross the Atlantic to join Fear the Walking Dead, it may well pass a lot of time …

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