The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus has 9 crossbows at home!

The Walking Dead Daryl crossbow

The actor stole Daryl’s guns throughout the seasons.

This is the end of The Walking Dead… Well, not right away, and not for everyone! Norman Reedus will return after the final season 11, for a spin-off with Melissa McBride, centered on Daryl and Carol. The opportunity for him to enrich his collection of crossbows?

We know that it is Daryl’s favorite weapon in the drama. And over the past decade, the actor has stung a few on the set, as he confessed during a Q&A sequence with fans on IMDB.

“To tell the truth, I already took a bunch of crossbows on the set. I think I must have 9 crossbows at home.”, launched the actor, in order to realize that it was perhaps not quite allowed:

“I believe it may be a crime to own a [de ces arbalètes], so i might get in trouble telling you that ! “he laughed in the wake.

The Walking Dead: a long trailer for season 11 unveiled at Comic-Con

Then, Norman Reedus gave his thoughts on the spin-off of Walking dead of which he will be the hero, promising that “It won’t look anything like TWD. It won’t look like a TWD episode with just Daryl and Carol, it will be completely different.”

In the meantime, the first part in 8 episodes of the final chapter of Walking dead will debut on August 23 in France on OCS.

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