The Walking Dead, season 11: “Certainly love in sight for Princess!” [exclu]

the walking dead season 11 princess

Actress Paola Lázaro opens up about the budding relationship between Juanita and Mercer.

Question Commonwealth, they know a ray now! Juanita, Eugene and the others have been integrated into the city for many months, when episode 10 of season 11 begins The Walking Dead. Spoiler alert!

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After the big jump in time that marks a turning point in the final season, we find our friends from Alexandria who have joined the small troop of scouts. Among her, Princess now seems to have a tidy life. Calm. Until the day she meets Mercer’s gaze…

Between the head of the Commonwealth army and the wacky little survivor, a spark already seems to be born. It must be said that the two share a powerful love story in the comics. And obviously, the series seems to take the same direction, which confirms to us half-words Paola Lazaro.

walking dead season 11 Mercer

The actress of walking dead reveals to Première that Juanita sees in Mercer much more than an impressive soldier, in orange armor: “In fact, they both hide behind facades. She is acting crazy, constantly acting. He is his authority as a soldier. But when they’re face to face, they can tear down those facades and see beyond.”entrusts us Paola Lazaro. “They discover hooked atoms, there is a connection that takes place, on the emotional level. She knows he’s sweet, under that tough guy facade. She sees it in his eyes and understands that she really sees who he is…

The Puerto Rican star clarifies in stride: “There will definitely be love in sight for Princess… Maybe…”

While we are already closely following the romance between Daryl and Connie, the final season of walking dead will it be that of Love with a capital A? Not for everyone anyway. Eleanor Matsuura confesses to us that there is “no great love story to expect for Yumilko in this genre…” The actress smiles and goes on to explain that the plot regarding her character will be less rosy: “She has clearly changed her lifestyle. She finds a little of her life before, in the Commonwealth. She finds herself with new immense responsibilities, since she is now Pamela Milton’s lawyer, her legal right arm in a way. Whether he likes it or not. She finds herself a little separated from her old family, that of Alexandria. She finds herself estranged from her old friends. They don’t have the same life in the Commonwealth anymore, and it’s hard for her. But she has to survive…”

To be continued next Sunday, in season 11B of The Walking Dead on AMC and in France on OCS.

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