The Walking Dead, season 11: did Negan make the right choice?

walking dead season 11 negan

“Negan fans will understand his gesture,” said Jeffrey Dean Morgan, after episode 1 aired.

Back from vacation for zombies The Walking Dead. Season 11 has just started on the American channel AMC and in France on OCS (in US + 24). And if the first episode will not remain in the drama’s anal, it was still marked by an epic clash between Maggie and Negan. Attention spoilers!

In the middle of a refueling mission, in the basements of the Washington subway, the two enemies emptied what they had in their hearts. Negan knows Maggie will be looking for a reason to kill him, at one point or another. So when an opportunity presents itself to trap her rival, the former leader of the Saviors decides to take her chance. Abandoning Maggie to a horde of walkers, he refuses to help her and leaves her in a deadly situation. Negan had the opportunity to literally reach out to him and take his redemption one step further. He preferred to make the opposite choice.

A decision that defends straightforwardly Jeffrey Dean Morgan in TVLine : “JI don’t know if he thinks he’s going to get away with this … But frankly, he knows she wants to kill him. So he’s not going to lift a finger to help her! Because he knows full well that she wouldn’t lift a finger to help him. If anyone’s back, he thinks Maggie will put a gun to his head, and that will be the end of it. “

First image of Pamela Milton in season 11 of The Walking Dead

Morgan goes on to explain that his character is “aware of the hatred Maggie feels towards him. The game therefore makes sense. If she does, then he will assume. He knows there will be repercussions. He is ready to face them. “And for the actor, one should not be disappointed with his decision:” Negan fans will understand his gesture. And there are people who hate Negan who will say the guy hasn’t changed. For me, it’s just a matter of survival … “

A vision of the situation shared by the showrunner, Angela Kang. In EW, she explains that Negan felt “in danger, and we know that Negan is quite pragmatic and that he likes to live. He is not someone who will take risks for others. Most of the time anyway. Maybe for a kid he loves, but other than that he just wants to survive. “

The screenwriter acknowledges that, if he had helped Maggie, “That would have shown evolution, real redemption. But we thought, No, this guy is over-powered. He’s going to give it up, obviously. So we really tried to approach it from a character’s point of view. Obviously it gives us a very dramatic moment, but it feels like a true moment for Negan to us. “

Season 11 of Walking dead will continue next week on AMC and in France on OCS.

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