The Walking Dead, season 11: “I had not seen her since the health crisis”

walking dead season 11 connie

Lauren Ridloff (Connie) made her comeback in the series with episode 6, almost two years later … Intense reunion with her playmate Angel Theory (Kelly), skillfully staged!

Except for her quick appearance at the end of the (first) finale of Season 10, proving that she was still alive, it’s been over 18 months since Connie was missing from The Walking Dead. The last time she was really there was for Alpha’s Zombie Cave Explosion (Season 10 Episode 9). An episode aired in February 2020 … that is to say before the pandemic!

Lauren Ridloff therefore found the time long, but she ended up resuming her place within the cast of The Walking Dead, at the start of season 11. Connie returned to center stage with episode 6. She survived a house of horror. And above all, she was able to find her sister Kelly (Angel Theory). A moving reunion on and off the screen!

“I hadn’t seen Angel in months. Before the health crisis actually… It had been a long time and I missed that girl.”, entrusts the actress at Insider, explaining that the emotion was not even played out, since Lauren Ridloff had squarely asked the director Greg Nicotero that the filmed scene is the real reunion of the two actresses, in order to do something more authentic. “I asked Greg, before we started filming, if we could set up some sort of real physical separation. I didn’t want to see Angel until I shot this reunion scene between Kelly and Connie. I wanted this scene. be the real first time that I saw her physically, that we got together for real. Greg liked the idea and he made it happen. “

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Two camps were thus established on the set, until this sequence passes in front of the camera: “When we finally shot that scene, what you see on the screen is real. They were real tears! It was a relief to be together again. We survived the pandemic and now we We’re there. We’re still surviving this apocalypse together. I think it was a really nice parallel. “

Season 11 of Walking dead will continue on Sunday evening in France on OCS in US + 24.

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