The Walking Dead, season 11: is Daryl ready to let go of Alexandria for Leah?

walking dead season 11 Daryl Leah

“There is very little truth in what he says to Leah …”

Daryl is at a crossroads in The Walking Dead. At the start of season 11, he finds himself integrated into the Reapers, alongside his dear and tender Leah. We can tell he’s playing the game to survive, but would he be ready to switch for love? As he says in episode 6, Daryl “doesn’t give a damn about everyone”, but it has “confidence” in her…

“There is very little truth in what he says to Leah”, reveal the showrunner Angela Kang in EW, confirming that Daryl is in total simulation right now. “She’s a person he once cared about, but I don’t think he really trusts her today. He hopes there is still some of that sweet person he knew about her. . But he doesn’t know if she’s also trapped in this situation, or what hold these guys have on her. But at the end of the day, he doesn’t really trust her. He’s just trying to make sure his people , Alexandria’s, make it out alive. He’s willing to say anything to make it happen. “

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Nevertheless, Angela Kang acknowledges that there is still something between Daryl and Leah: “He is indeed hoping that she will still have a little bit of humanity that can help at some point. But he’s not even sure that is the case …”

Answer in the next episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead, to see in France on OCS in US + 24.

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