The Walking Dead, season 11: Negan and Maggie now patched up?

walking dead season 11 negan

Not quite. The showrunner tempers: “It’s only a step forward, and in this relationship, they tend to take a few steps forward, a few steps back…”

At the rate things are going, they will end up as a couple! Once sworn enemies ready to kill each other at the slightest spark, Negan and Maggie are closer than ever today, in season 11 of The Walking Dead. The Part 2 finale even dared a full-on patch-up sequence, during which Maggie confesses that she “starting to trust Negan.” And in an emotional tirade, she told him bluntly: “You saved Hershel in Riverbend. Whatever else happens, and whatever happened, I’ll never forget!”

A statement that sounds like an olive branch. An outstretched hand. But showrunner Angela Kang delays in EW : “It’s just a step forward, and in this relationship they tend to take a few steps forward, a few steps back. It’s definitely a rollercoaster of emotions with these two. But I think this is a moment when Maggie sees that Negan tried to change. He did the right thing with his child. And it’s not lost. Now we can note that Negan just never apologized with her, and she never said, “I forgive you.”

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The boss of The Walking Dead therefore calm the ardor of the fans and ensure that this scene is not an official pardon. “That’s not it! Maggie is a mature leader, and she knows that in the balance of things, it’s better that they team up right now, rather than jump at each other’s throats…”

However, what weighs in the balance for Negan is also his new wife, Annie: “Maggie is very impressed with her. She sees that Annie is a good person and a good force. Maybe that says something if they chose each other… It even moves him a little…”

Not completely patched up, but at least on the way to an armistice, this is essentially what the showrunner explains of the scene: Maggie no longer wants to shoot Negan like a dog, and that’s already a nice development. “Yeah, that’s kind of it. Negan wants more. Negan wants to be accepted, despite what he plans at first glance. He’s definitely a very social villain and he doesn’t like to be alone. He wants to be part of it. of the gang. And so he hears that as a major step forward. We’re cool…. He might be a little more advanced than her…”

We will see that in part 3 of season 11 of The Walking Deadthis summer in France on OCS.

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