The Walking Dead Season 11: Negan’s Huge Twist Explained

walking dead season 11

The series’ former ultimate villain’s redemption arc has taken a new step, which the showrunner is trying to justify.

Since his sensational debut in season 7, Negan has evolved a lot in The Walking Dead. The least we can say is that the man has changed. The character is transformed. And that redemption took a spectacular new turn in episode 14 of the final season, airing today on OCS. Spoiler alert!

During the six-month timeskip, Negan found time to marry Annie (Medina Senghore), one of the bosses of the building attacked by the Commonwealth. More so, she is 12 weeks pregnant and Negan is the daddy! The walking dead has therefore done the total for his ultimate ex-villain, offering him a whole new tidy life…

When we left Negan after the battle against the Reapers, he was leaving the group and Maggie, and for us, that ended his arc in Alexandria.”explains showrunner Angela Kang on the show talking dead. “We have drawn a line under this story of Negan who wants to be a carpenter, to integrate into this group, to redeem himself, to prove himself. Everything really changed when Maggie came back“. The return of the widow Rhee ruined his plans and instead of waiting for her to shoot him, he preferred to finish his redemption elsewhere:

“I think if you’re Negan, you have no reason to trust Maggie. Especially after what she did to Meridian at the Reapers. But Negan freed his mind and he really went exploring. the world thinking he was just going to start all over again. Whatever that means to him. But we know Negan is a social animal, he really likes having people to talk to, so we felt like that he had to find a large group. A group in which he would quickly become essential. A completely different group and above all with which he has no history, no pans. He can move forward with a free spirit , wipe the slate clean, make different choices… Can I change?

Changed it has. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) proves it by protecting little Hershel. “Even if it wasn’t Maggie’s kid, he would protect that kid.” analyzes Angela Kang. “But in passing, this allows us to show that it is no longer the same. He is no longer the person Maggie imagines. Negan tries to tell her that she doesn’t have to like him, but she can trust him. When it comes to things like family, he will always keep his word.”

Yes, the former bad boy with the bloody bat is now put away. Married. Not necessarily a shock, since he still practiced polygamy at the time of the Saviors… but still! He had until then only one great love: Lucille (Hilarie Burton Morgan), with whom he would have “loved having a child”, as he confided to Michonne (Danai Gurira) in season 9 … Instead, he became a father figure for Carl (Chandler Riggs), for Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), for Lydia (Cassady McClincy). A fiber that he will now be able to cultivate, with his own child…

It remains to be seen where Annie and the baby will be in the spin-off in Manhattan… We will see that in the rest of season 11 of The Walking Deadto see in France on OCS.

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