The Walking Dead, season 11: Norman Reedus explains what Daryl thinks of Negan

The Walking Dead, season 11, daryl negan

“Daryl will be there for Maggie, he supports her, that’s clear!”

He was at the center of all interests. The launch of season 11 of Walking dead made a lot of room for Negan and his complicated integration into the band of Alexandria. Especially with the return of Maggie. Widow Rhee does not seem ready to forgive the leader of the Saviors for the murder of her husband. And whatever she decides, we feel that Daryl will support her.

Norman Reedus confirms to TVLine that his character “nI don’t totally trust Negan so he always has an eye on him“. However, the biker with a tender heart does not intend to interfere in their business: “Daryl will be there for Maggie, he’s backing her, that’s clear. But as far as his falling out with Negan, he doesn’t want to interfere. Daryl is going to let them sort out their problems on their own.”

The Walking Dead, season 11: did Negan make the right choice?

And if they don’t get there peacefully, then Norman Reedus is already warning that Daryl won’t hesitate for a second: “If their conflict ends up being resolved in violence, then Daryl will side with Maggie. Point bar. “

We will see if this is confirmed in the continuation of season 11 of Walking dead, in France on OCS in US + 24.

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