The Walking Dead, Season 11: The Beginning Of The End Trailer

walking dead season 11

Rick speaks during a long flashback on the history of the series … which brings us to the last chapter and the first images of the new episodes.

“This is how we survive …“Rick Grimes pops out one of his famous chef speeches, in this long trailer for season 11 of Walking dead. A video that talks about “the begining of the end”. And for good reason, the first part of the final season will begin on August 22, 2021. Then, part 2 and part 3 will be on view in 2022.

So what do the final episodes have in store for us? This trailer already offers a preview. New footage that shows Daryl and his gang in an abandoned tunnel hunting … the Reapers chasing Maggie? And also Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) wearing Commonwealth armor. We’ll see at the end of the summer how it all comes together, in season 11 of Walking dead.

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