The Walking Dead, season 11: the end of episode 9 explained

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“Well yes, he joined the Commonwealth troops!”

This is called a shock recovery. The second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead was particularly effective, putting an end to the intrigue of the Reapers and moving directly to the chapter of the Commonwealth… Warning spoilers!

After a time jump six months later, Maggie seems well isolated on the side of Hilltop, while Pamela Milton’s troopers come knocking at her door, with an unlikely leader at their head: Daryl! What ? How? ‘Or’ What ? The sequel to season 11 will explain it, but Angela Kang already reveals in EW :

Well yes, he joined the Commonwealth troops”, confirms the showrunner, to explain this surprise ending. “So we’ll soon see what it’s all about, but it’s now part of the Commonwealth Army. So this definitely puts Daryl in a different position and potentially at odds with Maggie. She, clearly, during this time that has passed, has remained or retired to Hilltop. And where are all the others?”

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But why did Widow Rhee decide to exclude herself like this? What happened ? “I’ll just say that after being in sync for much of the start of season 11, Maggie and Daryl don’t have the same perspective on things anymore. They drift apart at the end of episode 9 …”

In TVLine, Angela Kang specifies that “We’ll find out over time what the roots of this conflict between the two of them are and how we got here. But there’s obviously a clear tension between the Commonwealth and Hilltop. And that’s not an easy thing, count given the size and power of the Commonwealth.”

Still, Daryl in Trooper uniform, rallied to the Commonwealth, is a visual shock that will mark The Walking Dead for long weeks:How he will enter it may be a little unexpected, but this is the story that will play out on Block B of this season 11..” To follow in France on OCS.

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