The Walking Dead, season 11: what kind of psychopath is Pope?

The Walking Dead Pope Season 11

“We had to show how brutal and unpredictable Pope can be.”

Perhaps he will eventually become Judith’s confidant and find himself integrated into Alexandria in a few years, after a touching redemptive arc. And meanwhile, Pope is a real downright villain, in season 11 of Walking dead. Evidenced by his gesture of incredible violence, at the end of episode 5. Attention spoilers!

Indeed, in the last minutes of “Rendition”, while Daryl is welcomed among the Reapers alongside Leah, their leader throws one of his men into the fire, who failed to track Maggie and the others. The showrunner Angela Kang entrusts Entertainment Weekly that this scene was necessary, “even if we are careful with human violence, much more than with the gory images of zombies that people love to see. But this is a villain killing a villain, and we had to show how brutal and unpredictable Pope can be. After all, he squarely threw this guy in the fire because he thought he hadn’t done a good enough job … when in fact, he fought as best he could, he did. tried to save his comrade … It’s just that Maggie and our heroes narrowly beat them … “

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Kang goes on to explain that Pope has “all kinds of paranoid ideas “. So to convey this feeling, “we felt that in the end it had to be a bit graphic and horrible. Personally, I don’t shed a lot of tears for this guy who died, because he went after our heroes and tried to hurt them. But, at the same time, we really wondered how brutal his death must have been. How much skin do we need to see melt away? I hope we have struck a sufficient balance for people to understand who Pope is and what our heroes are up against here … “

Season 11 of Walking dead will continue on Sunday evening on AMC and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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