The Walking Dead, season 11: who is Stephanie really?

walking dead season 11 Stephanie

Eugene’s radio flirtation seems to be hiding a secret … and it should jump out at you!

The ark that is truly intriguing at the start of season 11 of Walking dead, it is the adventure of Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess within the Commonwealth. A utopia not as peaceful as it looks, and which may well reveal its secrets soon … Attention spoilers!

Especially with regard to Stephanie. Because there is very clearly a wolf behind the appearance of the young woman in episode 5, “Out of the Ashes”, where we saw the radio flirtation of Eugene land in the guise of Chelle Ramos. Curious, when we know that it is Margot Bingham who was credited for the voice of Stephanie, in the previous seasons of Walking dead. Of course, it is possible that the production has decided to proceed with a “recast”. Except that in the episode in question, the fans quickly noted that suddenly also appeared … Margot Bingham! Around the Commonwealth, it was she, the young woman who came to get ice cream for her boss Pamela Milton!

Doubt imposes itself. Everyone now assumes that the person posing as Stephanie to Eugene is in fact an impostor! Already not very clear in her way of immediately integrating into the group, she seems to manipulate our little troop from the inside.

A devilish decoy in disguise. In fact, several fans recall that the AMC press team accidentally spoiled the public before the episode even aired, by posting a photo captioning Chelle Ramos as “Decoy Stephanie“. Understand the distracting Stephanie … The fact that she was quickly deleted seems to attest to the false identity of the one who claims to be Eugene’s girlfriend. It remains to be seen why the Commonwealth is deceiving our Alexandrians in this way …

We will see that in the continuation of season 11 of The Walking Dead, to see in France on OCS in US + 24.

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