The Walking Dead, Season 11: “Who Leah Really Is? She Doesn’t Even Know It!” [exclu]

walking dead season 11 leah

“When people tell me I’m playing the villain of The Walking Dead right now, I disagree!” says actress Lynn Collins.

At the center of the first episode of the second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead, the mysterious Leah will still make poor Daryl see all the colors. But who is she really? What does this woman of action, seeming to be the perfect half of the biker at one time, and presented today as a pure villain want?

We asked the question to Lynn Collinsand the American actress admits having a little trouble answering: “She really is a super complicated woman. On many different levelss“, she analyzes for Première. “Dn the culture of the American Indians, there is this idea that there is a “good wolf and a bad wolf” in each of us. The whole question is to know which one we feed, at every moment of the day, in our lives, in our relationships. Leah faces this inner dilemma. Who does she really want to be? The truth is, she doesn’t know! Who is she really? She hasn’t the faintest idea.”

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It is true that we have seen several Leah since her debut in season 10: “At one point, she is this independent, lonely, wild woman, living in the forest. Suddenly, we see her transform into a housewife for Daryl. And finally, in season 11, she becomes this queen of the Reapers, who protects her subjects at all costs. And then as they are all qualified mercenaries in the troop, and that they obey her, we understand that she must have been a high-ranking militiaman at some point…”

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Elusive, Leah is certainly one of the characters of walking dead the most difficult to identify. And it is this complexity, this ambiguity that the actress wants to embrace as much as possible: “Amid the chaos, she tries to figure out what she wants. And this is also what makes the strength of the series: in this Apocalypse, each character must decide at every moment which person he wants to be. A good or a bad “wolf”? In the end, neither is really one or the other. Even our heroes aren’t entirely good. Sometimes they behave like the worst villains. So is Leah a villain? Hard to say… When people tell me I’m playing the villain of walking dead right now, I don’t agree!” laugh Lynn Collins. “Afterwards she feels betrayed. She can’t forgive. She’s on the defensive. She wants to protect her loved ones. And that makes her dangerous, no doubt!”

In any case, the actress feels very close to the character, in whom she recognizes herself. And hope that many viewers will see it like her: “Leah had to overcome the patriarchy, literally get rid of the evil men around her. From Pope to Daryl’s betrayal to all those soldiers around her. It completely echoes my own personal life. A mirror in sort of what I went through with my dad, with some of the men who shared my life… Leah is someone who doesn’t give a damn now, and that must speak to a lot of women.”

let’s remember that The Walking Dead will return for 8 new episodes on OCS in US+24 from February 21. The series will then end with part 3, consisting of the last 8 episodes, this summer.

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