The Walking Dead, season 11: why Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t mean “Glenn”

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“Any good that Negan has managed to put aside will be thrown out the window as soon as I say Glenn’s name.”

It is undoubtedly the shock replica of this first episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead. During his fallout with Maggie, Negan squarely crossed the red line, shouting his refusal to let go. “hanging out in the mud to get shot like a dog, like Glenn!” A phrase which resonates abruptly in the air, and which reminds viewers of the unscrupulous assassin that was Negan during seasons 7 and 8. And that is why Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not want this dialogue:

“I struggled to keep him from saying that. This was the only time I complained about a line, where I immediately called showrunner Angela Kang to tell him I couldn’t say that. . I didn’t want to bring up Glenn’s name here. “, he confides in EW. “Because all the good that Negan managed to put on her side will be thrown out the window as soon as I say Glenn’s name. So I tried to completely delete the replica. I found it unnecessary. And I was sure they would let me edit the script … “

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan then recounts that they filmed the scene “in three or four different ways. I have tried everything else. I replaced Glenn with “your husband” and stuff. But in the end, we tried with Glenn. And of course, when I saw the cut, I understood that they had to put this version! “

Looking back, the actor admits to understanding why his character has thrown the name of Glenn to Maggie: “I’ve always said that no matter what Negan does right, there’s always that Negan inside of him. And at this point in the story… Negan is suddenly the voice of reason. “he hadn’t said that line about Glenn, everyone in the audience would have been on his side. But the minute he says that line, I’m losing 50% of them immediately. And it doesn’t matter if he’s right!” “

Season 11 of Walking dead will continue on Sunday on AMC and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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