The Walking Dead Season 11B: Maggie’s Tipping Explained

walking dead maggie

Of course, it’s Negan’s fault again…

How far has she rocked? Which Maggie will we find in the second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead ? Episode 9 hints that Widow Rhee is on her way to the dark side, and here’s why. Spoiler alert!

While Gabriel and his family had made the choice to let the last Reapers go after having neutralized them, Maggie changes her mind and brutally kills them. But why so much hate? “She’s doing it for Elijah, she’s doing it for herself, she’s doing it for the people she’s lost along the way. But I think she’s also doing this for her own people. Much weighs on her shoulders and the case makes her nervous. This deal does not suit him” explains showrunner Angela Kang in EW. “She sort of accepted him reluctantly, but when she sees Elijah’s pain, he becomes this symbol of all the people who have been murdered by the Reapers…”

This photo that suggests an upcoming return of Rick Grimes in Walking Dead

And then Negan is not for nothing in his sinister decision. The former Savior told him, in the first part, that he would have done better to kill them all at the time, to avoid retaliation. Maggie therefore finds herself in her place: “She knows her people have risen up and turned against Negan. So there are a lot of things going on in his head. She makes this decision in a fraction of a second. She tells herself that she just has to eliminate this threat. Do we really want these people who are highly trained military people to start hunting us down?”

In short, Maggie thus shot them down”for everyone…“We will see how this changeover continues, in the continuation of season 11 of The Walking Deadto see in France on OCS in US+24.

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