The War of the Worlds: the tense reunion between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise

This SF classic released in 2005 at the cinema will return to W9 on Sunday.

War of the Worldsadaptation of the sci-fi classic by HG Wells published in 1898 by Steven Spielberg, will return to television this weekend. A cinematic event on many levels, especially given the prospect of seeing Spielberg’s abundant imagination rubbing shoulders with extraterrestrials again after Dating of the Third Kind Where AND, and not in any way. The film found its audience very easily (4 million admissions in France, 600 million dollars in revenue), and won three Oscar nominations.

But for those who are not necessarily passionate about alien invasions, the film also applies to the reunion of the tandem Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise three years later Minority Report. The science fiction film adapted from Philip K. Dick had at the time been a resounding public and critical success, which convinced the two men to team up again quickly. But although the film was once again proof of the filmmaker’s unifying know-how, things behind the scenes did not go as well as on the set of the previous one.

40 Years of Hollywood Blockbusters: War of the Worlds (2005)

War of the Worlds is a common project born from the will of the two men. Just after that of Minority Report, Tom Cruise had indeed reunited with Spielberg at the time of the filming ofStop me if you can. The first artistic encounter between the two men had at the time prompted the filmmaker to declare that “Working with Tom is one of the greatest gifts this environment has ever given me” during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, in 2005. Spielberg offered the actor three film projects, including an adaptation of War of the Worlds which was quickly unanimous. The project, carried by this prestigious team (and again, JJ Abramstoo busy with the pilot of Lost at the time had to refuse the offer to write the screenplay for the film), was quickly put on track for a shoot in 2004 which lasted exactly 72 days.

However, a grain of sand will get stuck in the cogs of the beautiful machinery and alter the relationship between the two men: the Church of Scientology, whose Tom Cruise is the most media representative. The behavior of the actor on the set will then exasperate many people. With Spielberg’s approval, he sets up a tent on the set to welcome and recruit members of Scientology, plays proselytes and uses Church doctors to treat relatives of the director.

In his particularly noted book going clear, Lawrence Wright even reveals that Scientology would have tried to “convert” Spielberg via Tom Cruise. It will take a meeting of the filmmaker with Paul Haggisthe Oscar-winning director of Collisionex-Scientologist who became one of the most virulent fighters of the movement founded by Ron Hubbard, for Spielberg to clearly distance himself from Cruise.

The relationship between the two men will then deteriorate, especially during the promotion of the film, parasitized by the announcement of the relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and by the behavior of the actor. We think back in particular to this passage known to all in the talk show ofOprah Winfrey where Cruise, in a daze, launched into an incoherent declaration of love to his new conquest instead of promoting his work on War of the Worlds. Annoyed by the behavior of the star, Steven Spielberg would have at the time made a vow never to direct him in one of his films again. This is still the case today.

However, as so often in this kind of story, all these tensions disappear completely on the screen, which does not let anything show. War of the Worlds is one of the biggest hits in the filmography of Tom Cruise between two episodes of Impossible mission.

The longer Tom Cruise runs, the better his films

The synopsis of The war of the worlds : Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), a divorced docker, is struggling to play his role as a father. It is therefore without enthusiasm that his two children, Robbie (Justin Chatwin), 17 years old and Rachel (Dakota Fanning), 11 years old, spend the weekend with the latter. The reunion promises to be difficult when suddenly a strange storm breaks out, a prelude to an alien invasion. Ray will do his best to protect his family.

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