The Wheel of Time: “The comparison with The Lord of the Rings is welcome!”

Rosamund Pike Wheel of Time

The new big production of Amazon Prime Video is a pure fantasy series, carried by a magician and her protective warrior. Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henney tell us everything.

Amazon will try a magic trick! While his highly anticipated new adaptation of the Lord of the Rings is still filming and will be desired for a while, the streaming platform is launching another fantasy saga this Friday. Since 1990, Robert Jordan has been running The Wheel of Time in bookstores. An epic medieval franchise that spans no less than 14 volumes and is openly inspired by Tolkien’s tales.

We follow Moiraine Damodred, a magician played by Rosamund Pike, who sets out in search of the “Reincarnated Dragon”, a legendary being capable of changing the fate of the world, in light or in darkness. It is about “Unique Power”, “White Tower”, Orcs (or rather “Trollocs”) or even an evil “Dark One” … There are many points in common with Middle Earth. and perfectly assumed:

“The comparison with The Lord of the Rings is welcome!”, responds the actor Daniel henny interviewed by Première. “You don’t see it as a competition. Not at all. The real pressure actually comes from the fans of The Wheel of Time themselves! There are many of them and we don’t want to disappoint them. “

The interpreter of Lan Mandragoran thus ensures not to seek “to be compared to other works of fantasy of the same genre, to Game of Thrones or to The Lord of the Rings. If some do, that’s fine. But we, first and foremost, want to honor Robert’s books Jordan, succeed in transcribing the essence of the literary saga in this adaptation. “

A long-term adaptation, which could last several years, knowing that season 1 globally only covers the events of the first volume entitled “The Eye of the World”: “It doesn’t seem to me that elements of the second book are present in this first season … But thereafter, we will certainly cover two books per season”, tells us Rosamund Pike.

This new extract from La Roue du Temps lays the foundations of the story

The British actress, revealed in James Bond (Die another day), then acclaimed for her performance in Gone Girl, admits not being a specialist in fantasy and having completely discovered the genre with The Wheel of Time. She explains to us that she meticulously sought to understand Moiraine Damodred, a powerful magician capable of manipulating the elements, before embodying her: “We worked a lot on the movements of Moraine, to try to understand what it would be like to actually feel the energy of the earth or the energy of the water. I wanted her inner strength to show on screen, and not just through special effects. “

Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran The Wheel of Time

Fortunately, Moiraine is not alone in her quest to find and protect the “Dragon”. The sorceress is an Aes Sedai, this tribe of women capable of manipulating the energy of the “One Power”. A powerful witch accompanied at all times by a bodyguard, a slender blade named Lan Mandragoran: “Moiraine and Lan have a very strong bond, which comes from a long way into the mythology of The Wheel of Time“, Explain Daniel Henney. “In short, it’s a connection that comes from magic. We spend a lot of time together, in search of the reincarnated Dragon. We are both like a married couple and like twins, since we can feel each other’s pain, their sadness or their hunger, all their emotions … Moiraine and Lan support and boost each other . ” Rosamund Pike go further : “It’s not the same kind of connection that exists in our world. It’s kind of a physical connection, which has something magical about it …”

Starting tomorrow on Prime Video, Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran will embark on a great epic adventure, which will count 8 episodes until Christmas, knowing that season 2 is already being filmed. The Wheel of Time is just starting to spin.

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