The Wheel of Time: “We’re still in Prague, filming season 2” [exclu]

Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran The Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike reveals what’s in store for the sequel to Wheel of Time.

This Friday, The Wheel of Time wraps up a successful first season on Prime Video. Amazon had anticipated and anticipated the coup by ordering, upstream, season 2 of Wheel of time.

The production has even started several weeks ago: “We’re shooting it right now “, revealed to us last November Rosamund Pike.

The American actress, who plays Moiraine, confided to Première: “We’re still in Prague. In fact, we moved there (in the Czech Republic) two years ago, at the start of season 1 production. We just did a tour of Italy too and we have a another destination, still secret, planned in the shooting schedule for this season 2 … “

What is the “wheel” of La Roue du Temps? Rosamund Pike explains

The star of The Route of Time also announces that the new episodes “will globally adapt Robert Jordan’s books 2 and 3, namely The Great Quest and The Reincarnated Dragon. History will become larger, richer. The world is divided into several storylines, lots of new characters will appear … “

It remains to be seen when the sequel to the fantasy series will be released, knowing that Prime Video will also host, next year, The Lord of the Rings : “We’re just discussing all of this for now. Showrunner Rafe Judkins and his team have just sent us the first edits of the first episodes of season 2 …“, specifies today in TVLine Amazon Studios TV boss Vernon Sanders.

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