The Wilds: first images and date for season 2 on Amazon

The Wilds season 2

Prime Video’s teens will be back in May.

A little over a year after the great success of season 1, back to nature for the girls of The Wilds. Prime Video has just revealed that season 2 will be released on Friday May 6 and unveils new photos showing the eight teenage girls…

According to the synopsis, the new episodes of The Wildswill continue to follow the harrowing ordeal of a group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island. And they didn’t end up there by accident: they were secretly recruited for an elaborate social experiment… The new season intensifies the drama by revealing that the girls aren’t the only ones being studied… there’s a new set of subjects, an island of teenagers, who must also fight for their survival under the watchful eye of the big boss who runs the experiment.

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