The Witcher: Blood Origin recruits Michelle Yeoh

Michelle yeoh
Mandarin Films Distribution Co. Ltd.

She will play an elven warrior, wielding the sword like no one else.

She has wielded the sword on screen many times during her career. And very recently again in Star Trek: Discovery ! Michelle yeoh has just joined the universe of The witcher, on Netflix. She will be one of the stars of the prequel cast, The Witcher: Blood Origin, currently in development.

The star will play Scían, the very last surviving member of his nomadic tribe, Elves armed with swords. According to official announcement, “no one comes close to their mastery of the blade, and no one carries so many dead in their heart. When the chance presents itself to recover a stolen sacred sword, taken from his fallen tribe by nefarious means, Scían sets out on a deadly quest that will change the outcome of the continent... “

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Michelle yeoh will find Jodie Turner-Smith in the cast (The Last Ship), who will play Eile, an elite warrior with a magnificent voice …

Set in an Elven world, 1200 years before the events of The Witcher, Blood Origin will be a six-part limited series. No date for the moment.

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