The Witcher: how Geralt will evolve in season 2

The witcher season 2

Henry Cavill explains that the presence of Vesemir and his new fatherly role with respect to Ciri will give a new thickness to the character.

This summer, the animated film The Nightmare of the Wolf allowed to show fans of The Witcher the shrine named Kaer Morhen, where the Witers rest during the winter months, before returning to monster hunting in the spring. This is where Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor, educated little De Riv. And this is where the latter will lead Ciri, to train and guide her, in turn, in season 2. The Witcher will find Vesemir, played by Kim Bodnia (Killing Eve).

“Kim brings a powerful emotion to this role and a real sense of soul and heart and a connection to nature and the wild world. It’s beautiful to watch and play with him.“, rejoices Henry Cavll in EW. “I played some of my favorite scenes with Kim. He brings something really special to the character, and I think people are going to really appreciate him. “

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Geralt will also evolve considerably in this season 2, becoming in turn a father figure for Ciri: “He goes from being a little cranky, dark and mysterious hero to something more intellectual, philosophical and wise. I wanted to bring that out of his personality, I wanted to keep him from being too monolithic. Even though he can. sometimes be dark and mysterious, I love that he comes across as this amazing character that [Sapkowski] wrote. I really insisted on it. “

Season 2 of The Witcher will air on Netflix on December 17th.

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