The Witcher season 2 strikes a balance between fun and fantasy (review)


Because you don’t necessarily have to take yourself too seriously to be successful in a genre series.

Henry cavill put on her thick gray wig. He pulled out his big sword. His most scowl. And he went back to war on The Continent, for season 2 of The witcher, which will officially be released this Friday on Netflix. Eight new episodes that have been watched by subscribers for almost two years and that don’t quite meet expectations, even if the big-budget series remains a fun and entertaining fantasy.

We therefore find Geralt de Riv, who recovered Ciri after the fall of Cintra. The Witcher takes him to his home, near Kaer Mohren, the Witchers’ castle, commanded by the wise old Vesemir. The young girl will be there in the shelter, and will especially be able to harden, to train, in the middle of a band of warriors gruff, crappy, but benevolent. Meanwhile, the war between the Northern Kingdoms and the Nilfgaard Empire still rages on and the Elven people risk tipping the scales. After his glorious victory in the Battle of Sodden, Yennefer of Vengerberg tries to return to the domain of the Wizards. And she would do well to hurry, as chaos looms and yesterday’s alliances are increasingly fragile.

We understand immediately: the general intrigue of this season 2 of The witcher was written in a much more linear fashion. If season 1 tried to mix several short stories, different chapters of the novels, in a narrative with drawers, scaffolded on multiple timelines, the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich opted for much more conventional storytelling this time. The 8 new episodes globally adapt Blood of the Elves, the first volume of Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary saga.

The witcher 2

And this cleansing of the narrative is welcome, because after two years away from the Continent, it takes a little time to put the pieces of the geopolitical puzzle that The witcher tries to compose. Who are the Northern Kingdoms? Why did Nilfgaard declare war? Which side are the Elves on? The magicians? What about the Cintra alumni? We get lost a bit and anyway, it is not very successful. In any case, that’s not what The witcher does better.

The Witcher, season 2: a 14-month shoot upset by the pandemic

No, the Netflix series is definitely not the new one Game Of Thrones, brilliant political drama hidden in a medieval fantasy. The witcher moreover obviously does not have this pretension, nor this ambition. On the contrary ! She does not want to take herself too seriously and rather plays the card of the offbeat fantasy, first and foremost fun to watch. Everything is said in the delivery of‘Henry Cavill, who cabotine in armor with palpable jubilation. The idea is to bet on fun, with improbable characters (the entry on the scene of Nivillen, played by Kristofer Hivju, is very cool), spectacular fights, in surreal settings. The series does not hesitate to add elements of horror this year for an even more impressive effect. A refreshing vision of fantasy, even if in the long run, the balance of The witcher Would do well to lean more dramatically.

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