The Witcher: the last minutes of the season 2 finale explained

The witcher 2 finale

Who are behind these mysterious Horsemen? Who is the Emperor of Nilfgaard really? How did the last episode set up the groundwork for season 3?

After 8 epic episodes, the season 2 finale of The witcher concluded with some strange revelations, which deserve to be further clarified. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich takes care of the after-sales service. Attention spoiles!

Everything we already know about season 3 of The Witcher

As a reminder, Ciri, now aware of her enormous power – the kind that openly opens portals to other spheres (understand other worlds) – is taken in hand by Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), who wants to be reconciled with Geralt ( Henry Cavill). They’ve buried the hatchet, and their romance is simmering … but will definitely come up against Season 3’s main villain: Emhyr var Emreis (Bart Edwards), Emperor of Nilfgaard, is revealed in this finale. The one also known as The White Flame turns out to be Ciri’s own father who was believed to have died at sea. Previously known as Duny, he had a porcupine head before Geralt saved his life. and before marrying Princess Pavetta (in season 1). Today he absolutely wants to find his daughter (for his power obviously) … and he is not the only one! Redanian spy master Sigismund Dijkstra (Graham McTavish) has teamed up with shapeshifter witch Philippa Eilhart (Cassie Clare), to bring her kingdom, Redania, to control the Continent. All this without mentioning the mystical introduction to The Wild Hunt, a horde of specters looking like horsemen of the Apocalypse …

The witcher 2 Emhyr

“Emhyr will certainly be the most permanent threat to all of our characters”, confesses Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The showrunner of The witcher Explain in Variety have done “A huge choice at the end of this season to announce that Emhyr is Ciri’s father, which only appears much later in the books. He is the great threat hanging over the entire literary saga. His identity is kept a secret for a very long time in the books because you don’t have to see him visually. We hesitated to keep this warm any longer, but we knew if we didn’t start presenting him as a real character. , the depth of his threat would disappear. We made that choice, as a statement to the public: this guy is here to stay, and he’s going to get bigger and more dangerous as the story progresses. “

The witcher 2 Philippa Eilhart

Another antagonist introduced in this finale, the magician Philippa Eilhart shows herself in her human form in the last moments of season 2 of The witcher : “Especially for viewers who are not familiar with the books, we felt it was important to show that this owl was going to grow into a much bigger character.”

She’ll be teaming up with Dijkstra in Season 3, certainly stalking Dandelion: “Yes, that’s the bard Dijkstra talks about in the finale. We hear at the beginning of Dandelion’s story that he helps the Elves and has a mysterious benefactor that he doesn’t know. who pulls the strings that allow him to do this. Now Dandelion owes Dijkstra a favor … “

The Witcher The Wild Hunt

What about the riders of the Wild Hunt? “These are Elves who were trapped between the Spheres during the Conjection“, comments the screenwriter. The witch and Immortal Mother, Voleth Meir, allows a hyphen towards this new mystical part, which will be better explained before season 3, in the spin-off located 1200 years before: “In some ways the story will begin to connect with Blood Origin and then we will understand how these people got trapped between the Spheres and how Eredin, the King of the Wild Hunt, and his horsemen were born. more and more important in the history of The witcher. “

Season 3 of the Netflix series has already been ordered but has no date yet. Blood Origin will be released during 2022.

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