The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl in the Window Trailer: A Netflix Dark Comedy

The Woman Who Lived Across From The Girl At The Window Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell investigates her neighbor …

It’s not quite a parody, but it looks like it. A little. The woman who lived in front of the girl at the window (The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window) is shaping up to be a strange and improbable dark comedy. Between the satire, by Netflix, of his Netflix film The Woman at the window, starring Amy Adams, released in 2021. A sort of TV UFO with an elusive trailer.

The pitch: For Anna (Kristen Bell), who is heartbroken, the days go by and look the same. She sits down with a glass of wine, looks out the window and sees life unfolding without it. But when a charming neighbor (Tom Riley) moves across the street with his daughter, Anna begins to see the end of the tunnel. Until one day she witnesses a horrific murder … or not?

The mini-series The woman who lived in front of the girl at the window will be on view from January 28, on Netflix.

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