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The world is not enough

This episode of James Bond with Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau will return this evening on France 3.

To wait until the release of Mourir can wait, France 3 continues its James Bond cycle on Friday evening by betting on Le Monde is not enough, to Michael apted, released in 1999. Here’s everything there is to know about this episode:

Theme: “The World is not enough” sung by Garbage and composed by David Arnold and Don Black. A very good Bondian “Canada Dry”.

Sophie Marceau: “An actress must be malleable”

James Bond against … Fox (Robert carlyle) and Elektra King (Sophie Marceau). The first is a terrorist with a bullet to the head that condemns him to slow and certain death while rendering him numb to pain. The second is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist who wants revenge on Mr. while marking the world with a nuclear bomb.

The film : Pierce brosnan never really had to prove himself. Everyone saw him in character and the films developed Bondian mythology like in a driving school textbook. Everything is there. The level of action is reached, the gadget quota is filled and the female forms meet the specifications (a little too zealous for Denise richards and his wet T-Shirt). Note however that after the nicely kind, Tomorrow never dies, 007 regains a little ferocity. He doesn’t hesitate to knock out without batting an eyelid and even goes so far as to kill a woman he loved. A first in the history of the series.

Oh James! James Brosnan is a smart kid. An enticing secretary who worries about misplaced files and the word goes by itself: “They look perfect…” In heat, the Bond even hints with a cigar. At the medical visit, he will play ember eyes with the doctor (Serena Scott Thomas, Kristin’s sister) to be able to continue the adventure : “Do you have to promise to call me this time?” Doesn’t she know then that she is not an official bond girl? The real one is Elektra King (Sophie Marceau) that the secret agent must protect. Besides, duty is stronger than anything: “It’s a game I can’t afford to play…” Well, not that much since he will end up in his room. The charm will have a harder time operating with Dr. Noel (Denise Richards, even Pamela Anderson would have been more credible as a physicist). Obviously, when he realizes later that Elektra is the enemy, he will resolve the misunderstanding to Walter PPK: “You can’t kill me. You would miss me so much.” Fault, “I never fail.” Since the feeling of betrayal never lasts after a breakup (even with a gun), it will end up in the arms of Noel, who helps him defuse the nuclear bomb. “I thought Christmas only came once a year”, he said innocently. Note that in English “to come” (to come) also means to enjoy.

007th Heaven Hat trick.

James Bond: all movies ranked from worst to best

Movie Magic When the Bond franchise is resting on its laurels, the action scenes sometimes tend to be as natural as the performances at Puy du Fou. It is therefore better not to see the ski pursuit again and to stay on the flight of the nuclear bomb, in the middle of a cave. A momentary leap but the magic operates at its maximum during the opening sequence, a chase on the Thames. 007 grabs Q’s latest gadget and sets off in pursuit of an incendiary sniper. Obviously, it ends in 7th heaven on a hot air balloon that explodes above the Millennium Dome.

Bondology: “The world is not enough” is a motto invented for the Bond family on the occasion of the film In the secret service of his majesty. In MI6 HQ in Scotland, a portrait of Bernard lee (the Mr. of the beginnings) hangs behind the desk of Judi Dench (the current M.). At last, The world is not enough was the last film of Desmond Llewelyn, Q since With love from Russia, in 1963. The longest-lasting actor in the series died in a car accident at the age of 85. His replacement is presented here. His name is R. and is played by John cleese.

The Bondian reply: James is aiming at Renard after having usurped the place of a henchman: “Are you waiting for Davidov? He took a bullet instead of the plane. -You can’t kill me. I’m already dead. -Not enough for me.Bond finally let go.

James Bond: Pierce Brosnan believes in Idris Elba and Tom Hardy

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