There are des Misérables by Ladj Ly in Shorta [critique]

A Danish debut film full of tensions.

Talib, 19, a black teenager, dies of fatal injuries in police custody. His death provokes a revolt in the suburbs of Copenhagen when two policemen who are opposed to everything, Jens and Mike, are there on patrol. Chased, they will have to fight their way to escape the riots. An implacable confrontation then begins.

In this Wednesday, June 23 is released in the cinema Shorta, the first film by Anders Ølholm and Frederik Louis Hviid, a drama about the Danish police that First recommend you. Here is our review.

France does not have the prerogative of tensions between inhabitants of the peripheral suburbs of large metropolises and the police. This first Danish film seizes on this societal reality by staging two police officers with methods poles apart from each other grappling with a sudden conflagration of the city where they patrol following the death of a teenager from this country. neighborhood in custody. There are Miserable by Ladj Ly in this column under high tension. But the Ølholm – Hviid tandem is eyeing even more on the side of Warriors of the night orAssault. Shorta (policeman in Arabic) impresses with their ability to turn this concrete labyrinth into a character in its own right whose labyrinths – welcoming here and there islands of perfectly distilled humanity – form the rough backdrop of this suffocating tension held until his ultimate plan. Hollywood shouldn’t be long in making eyes at this duo.

Trailer of Shorta :

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