There will be a reboot of Code Quantum: first photo

Quantum Code

The NBC chain officially orders the new series, with Raymond Lee in place of Scott Bakula.

Thirty years later, the 2022-23 season will again have Quantum Code in its grid. The cult series, stopped in 1993, will return with a new iteration, carried by Raymond Lee (Kevin Can F**k Himself), in a reboot officially ordered today by the American channel NBC.

The new hero is already revealed (pictured above) as Dr. Ben Seong, who is both a man of faith and a world-renowned physicist working on the time travel project known as QuantumLeap. It therefore succeeds Scott Bakula and to Dr. Sam Beckett, who should be mentioned in the series’ story.

The rest of the cast also includes the ghostbuster Ernie Hudson as Magic, an ex-serviceman and leader of the project QuantumLeap. Mason Alexander Park (cowboy bebop) will be Ian, the chief architect of the AI ​​program of QuantumLeap.

The reboot of Quantum Code will be broadcast on the American channel starting this fall.

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