“They hunt to live. He lives to hunt”: The trailer for Prey, the prequel to Predator

Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane, The Boys…) films ancient alien attacks within a Comanche community, 300 years ago.

To try to revive the saga predator without falling into repetition, after several disappointing sequels (the last, signed by Shane Black, dates back to 2018), 20th Century Fox hired Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Cloverfield Lanebut also episodes of black-mirror and The Boysand screenwriter Patrick Aison (the series Jack Ryan) to recount ancient hunts of the killer creature. 300 years ago, so well before attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger and his over-armed friends (in the cult film by John McTiernan released in 1987 at the cinema), the Predator had already raged, in North America, in attacking a tribe of Comanches (and a bear, for a scene that echoes the Revenant !). A young warrior named Naru (Amber Midthunder, seen in Legion) therefore found herself face to face with this terrifying alien before him, and like him, she did not let herself be chased away without defending herself! “They hunt to live, tells us the hook of this new film. He lives to hunt.”

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After an intriguing teaserso here is the long trailer of Prey, which this time will be released directly to streaming. On Hulu in the United States, on August 5, and on Disney + in France (in the Star adult selection, given its violent subject). By announcing this project, its producer John Davis had promised to return to the sources with this feature film:Prey will return to what made the predator original worked so well. It is the ingenuity of a human who never gives up, who is able to observe and deduce interpretations, and who can thus succeed in defeating a force more powerful and much better armed than him. In view of these first images, the specifications seem to have been perfectly fulfilled by Dan Trachtenberg and his team.

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