Thimotée Robart: “I approach the profession of actor with a lot of caution”

Discovered in Quicksilver, he confirms in Les Magnétiques all the hopes placed in him, while continuing to work as a boom operator. Meeting with the one who has just won a pre-nomination to the Caesar of revelation.

How did the desire to become an actor come about?

Thimotée Robart: In fact, I only got a taste for this job when I started doing it. My real job is boom operator. Being an actor fell on me a bit by chance.

However, working for the cinema had interested you very early on, so …

My parents are actors and when I was very young I used to go on sets to see them. So I knew very early on that I would like to do a job related to cinema. A sailor’s job where everything changes all the time, where we go from crew to crew.

And why did you opt for boom operator?

Guys who carry around with a pole on a plateau have always fascinated me. I am more interested in crafts than in sound itself

So how do you find yourself acting for the first time in Quicksilver by Stéphane Batut?

Thanks to a casting director Alexandre Nazarian. I had already had a casting with him a few years ago. I was 17 at the time and my mother, who knows Alexandre, had heard of a project where they were looking for someone my age and suggested that I try my luck. I went there but there was no follow-up. I did not land the role. And when he contacted me again for Quicksilver, the simple fact that there is interest in meeting me was flattering enough to make me decide to move my ass and learn the few lines of texts.

How did you experience this first acting experience?

At first, I felt a lot of stress being in front of the camera and having to carry the film partly on my shoulders. Something completely narcissistic I agree. But Stéphane reassured me immediately by explaining to me that if I sucked, it would be his fault! (laughs) And that experience made me grow incredibly. I had a lot of fun and Stéphane made a wonderful film. I discovered an exhilarating profession

At the end of the shoot, do you hope to have a second experience soon?

Not at the time. I approach this profession with great caution because I know the dangers of having been able to observe my parents. So after Quicksilver, I resume my profession of boom operator. And I really am. It’s really only after Magnetics that I’m starting to tell myself why not.


It is also by a casting that you arrive on Magnetics ?

Yes. It is almost the first that I passed since Quicksilver and I believe that half of the young actors of Paris have been auditioned! But the casting director Pierre-François Créancier had seen Quicksilver. And it was he who thought of me.

What appeals to you when you read the scenario of Magnetic ?

The way in which, on a classic initiatory story, unfolds the singularity of the writing of Vincent (Maël Cardona) who had in addition already written down on paper the songs that were going to accompany the story. By closing the scenario, I just said to my father: this one, I will do it well!

How does Vincent Maël Cardona prepare you for this role of a young boy who falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend and fully lives his passion for playing with sounds while doing radio in France in the early 80s?

He suggested that I watch Miscellaneous by Raymond Depardon and Graduate first by Maurice Pialat to try to feel the atmosphere of that time, the way people spoke to each other. And on my side, I listened to a lot of punk music which makes up a big part of the soundtrack of Magnetic.

The pleasure you experienced on the Magnetic was very different from the one taken on Quicksilver ?

Yes. Because I had acquired a confidence that I lacked during my first experience. I really liked being part of Vincent’s band who really toured with a technical team made up of friends.

Have you made any other films since?

Yes. I’ve just finished My only desire by Lucie Borleteau (Fidelio, Alice’s Odyssey). My first supporting role! (laughs). And I play the boyfriend of one of the heroines who falls in love with a girl in a strip club. And it was also particular for me to be present only 5 days out of the 40 of the shoot.

This time, is an actor your job?

It’s part of me… but in moderation! I also really like my other job, that of boom operator, which I continue to practice: I was hired in reinforcement on a series last week, for example… Having these two options really allows me to choose what I want to do. It is a huge luxury!

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