Thin So 2: sequel trailer, ten years later

Charlotte de Turckheim relaunches her cure in a suite full of good humor.

“I’m here to fast, but I’d rather hit a 25-year-old!“After the success of Gosh, at the start of 2012 (1.5 million tickets sold), it took a decade to Charlotte de Turckheim to do the rest. On December 22, she will be back with her friends for Thin So 2. Trailer :

Charlotte de Turckheim will be back behind and in front of the camera, accompanied by Catherine Hosmalin, Lola Dewaere and Charlotte Gaccio.

The synopsis: Isabelle and her niece Nina are opening a “fasting and detox” cure in the heart of Provence, with the help of Baptiste, yogi and handyman, Jessica, tantric masseuse, and Maxime, attractive equitherapist. Among the first curists, four overweight adolescents sent by the Town Hall; Marion and Lio, his skinny sister who imposes the treatment on him “for his own good”; and their friend Émilie who, relieved of her extra pounds, barely discovers that her beloved husband swoons in the arms of a man… clearly overweight!

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