This is how Fast & Furious 7 was supposed to end before Paul Walker’s death

And how his passing influenced Fast & Furious 8.

In an interview with Collider, in April 2017, the screenwriter of the saga Fast & Furious, Chris Morgan, explained what the end of Fast & Furious 7, before Paul Walker tragically disappeared in a car accident. We share his remarks to wait until the rebroadcast of the blockbuster, this Sunday evening on TF1, while n ° 9 has just landed in dark rooms : “Well in the original ending, if I remember correctly, the guys had to fix the problem and be – again – outlaws again. It was a smarter ending, which hinted that they were going to do another heist or take another job. But central to the story of Brian, the character of Paul, was this question: who am I? He’s a guy who was a cop in the thick of it and a pilot. But now he has an amazing wife, a child, and another on the way. So he begins to take stock. Not really a midlife crisis to speak of. But it was said in the movie: ‘I miss the balls and the action’. The idea was to show at the end that what is most important for him is to be there for his family. It does not mean that he would have stopped participating in these adventures, but the context would have been a little different, he would have better understood who he was and what was really valuable in his life.“.

For Vin Diesel, the end of Fast & Furious 7 is “the best moment in the history of cinema”

Chris Morgan then explains the questions that followed the death of Paul Walker (was it necessary to put an end to the franchise and not finish the film? Continue to pay tribute to him and stop there?) And ensures that the stories of Brian and Mia wouldn’t have been changed so much: “Instead of letting them go and live their family life away from the action and danger, we would have continued with a slightly different Brian“. And therefore aware of the value of what he owns.

Moreover, the darker tone of Fast & Furious 8 was directly inspired by the death of Paul Walker: “We made seven films with Dom who keeps the family together (…) so we started to wonder what would be the most taboo for the franchise. ‘What if Dom gets mean? What would the family do? ‘ (…) I think what happened to Paul certainly changed our way of thinking about history (…) They are losing what was the foundation of their lives. They lose Dom, they don’t understand why, and it’s touching. We talk to the audience and say, ‘Look, we’re continuing the franchise without Paul, so we feel a kind of loss. It’s scary and everything the franchise is built on is going to shake. ‘ I think the film gives a real cathartic lesson about grief and loss. You have to make your back round and you can come out on the other side with more strength and maybe find joy again“.

The trailer for Fast & Furious 7 :

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