This is Us: no season 7, no spin-off in sight

This is Us final

The series’ final episode aired this week, and creator Dan Fogelman has no intention of bringing the Pearson family out anytime soon.

It’s sad, but it’s over. For real. The stories of the Pearson family found a sober and moving conclusion this week (in France on MyCanal) and This is Us finished. No season 7 in sight. Not even a spin-off, confirms the creator, Dan Fogelman in TVLine :

“I’m pretty determined that this will be the end, period”he answers without beating around the bush. “Afterwards, who knows… maybe my midlife crisis will change my mind… But I really feel like we’ve put a final end to these stories.”

This is Us ending explained

No more Pearson family, at least in the short term. And if you wonder if Randall, freshly launched in politics in the end, will really succeed in becoming President, know that you will never have a real answer. It will be up to you to imagine:

“Randall’s future political journey is basically something close to the black screen that ended The Sopranos series. You are free to choose your own path. You decide, for you, what’s going to happen with him!In my mind, I know what’s happening to Randall and his family, but it’s done on purpose so as not to get a straight answer…It’s up to the audience to decide what that he thinks is going to happen next with Randall.”

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