This is Us: the heartbreaking trailer for the end of the series

This is Us final

The last episode of the final season 6 is for Tuesday. The first images of the grand finale are here.

After touching our hearts for 6 seasons, This is Us will end next Tuesday, in the USA. The grand finale, which will be called “The Train” will be broadcast on the American channel NBC on May 24 and here is already the long trailer full of nostalgia. Spoiler alert!

It will of course be about the funeral of Rebecca (Mandy Moore), after the matriarch broke her pipe in the penultimate episode, following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She went to find Jack, leaving a tearful “big three” behind.

Randall, Kate and Kevin will say goodbye to him in a heartbreaking finale, which has a more precise overview thanks to the official photos uploaded by the EW website.

And mandy moore already warn : “I never, ever could have imagined that this is what we were going to do for the end! I cried just because it was the end. But it wasn’t as heartbreaking…It was especially a nice way to end this story. I just remember closing [le script] saying: You made the landing, Dan (Fogelman, the creator). You have really succeeded. No one will be disappointed. It’s a great way to end this story.”

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