This new extract from La Roue du Temps lays the foundations of the story

The Wheel of Time
Amazon Prime Video

Moiraine Damodred explains to us who the “Dragon” is and why she must quickly find him …

This just might be the first few seconds of The Wheel of Time ! Amazon Prime Video has just uploaded a brand new preview clip of its new big-budget fantasy series. A minute that seems to be taken from the opening sequence (although it is not specified) …

We see in fact Moiraine Damodred putting on her magician’s outfit with meticulousness. We mainly hear the heroine interpreted by Rosamund Pike talk about the “Dragon” and establish the bases of the history of The wheel of time. How Men became so powerful that they sought to imprison evil, giving birth to the “Dragon”, an entity responsible for the ruin of the world. This one has just been reborn. We don’t know who this reincarnation is, girl or boy, or where she is … But Moiraine is going to search for her in this epic fantasy saga, before the dark side finds it!

The Route of Time will launch on November 24 on Prime Video.

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