This other player that the creator of Squid Game almost won [exclu]

Squid Game

The South Korean creator and director, Hwang Dong-hyeok, explains how he thought about the conclusion of his series and that a different number could have won the timpani …

After spending more than a decade working on his Squid Game, the South Korean screenwriter and director Hwang Dong-hyeok has certainly reshuffled his story, again and again, thought and rethought the course of the games, the deaths, the survivors … But one thing never budged in his mind: the name of the final winner. Attention spoilers!

For Première, the creator of Squid Game tells the story of why Seong Gi-hun, also known as “number 456”, absolutely had to win. It was already he who emerged alive from the first draft, and Hwang Dong-hyeok never deviated from this option:

The winner absolutely had to be Gi-hun. From the very beginning, I saw him like that. It was always him for the final victory “, he assures us before explaining why: “I never deviated from that idea, because there are certain aspects of him that I wanted to use, to convey a message. Gi-hun lives a life of ruins. He plays for money at the races. He’s on his mother’s side. In many ways, he’s a big loser. And yet, we gradually feel this humanity in him. And so, through him, I wanted to convey this message, that humanity may be the last thing the world can hold on to. It’s like a last ray of hope. What’s left after we open Pandora’s Box. “

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For Hwang Dong-hyeok, what makes the difference with this character is that “Gi-hun is not a superhero at all. He has no powers. He is not gifted in anything especially. But he carries that humanity within him, and I wanted him to convey this idea that ‘we can rely on our humanity, at the end of the day. That’s why Gi-hun had to be the ultimate winner of Squid Game. “

That being said, the South Korean designer gives us a heartbreaking confidence: yes, the darling of the public, this young North Korean passed to the south and with a tragic fate, almost won too …

“What makes me sad, in retrospect, is that I couldn’t have put Sae-byeok (number 067) as a winner. If I hadn’t chosen Gi-hun, I might as well have put Sae-byeo on. winning the Squid Game. What would it have been like if she had won? I often think of this assumption. “ Instead, the young woman serves another purpose: “In fact, I use the character at the end, as the very last element that reminds Gi-hun of his humanity. When he is about to stab Sang-woo (# 218), it is Sae-byeo who reminds him that he is not that kind of person. So she has a very important role at this crucial moment in the series. “

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