This photo that suggests an upcoming return of Rick Grimes in Walking Dead

walking dead rick daryl

The British actor is back in Georgia, alongside Norman Reedus. A sign of Rick Grimes’ comeback?

The Walking Dead is currently filming its final episodes in Atlanta. And coincidentally, Andrew Lincoln is here !

A few days ago, the actor was photographed with his former playmate, Norman Reedus, while having dinner in a restaurant in the capital of Georgia, where the series has been filmed for a decade. The fan who took the shot (in this case the owner of the restaurant) posted the image on Instagram.

And since then, the fans have been overheated: why Andrew Lincoln is he in georgia? Did he come to say goodbye to the series? Take advantage of the big end-of-shooting party? Or film new scenes, which would finally mark the return of Rick Grimes in the franchise, he who must carry future films?

The Walking Dead, season 11B: where is Negan going?

The sheriff left walking dead at the end of season 9, before being transported by helicopter by the CRM. Michonne found a clue in Season 10, hinting that he was still alive. She then set off on his trail to find him.

So will the two be incorporated into the final round of episodes of walking dead, which will air this summer? In the meantime, the second part is in progress, to be seen every Monday in France on OCS in US+24.

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