This Reacher has nothing to do with Jack Reacher anymore (review)

The new Amazon action series is a much closer adaptation of Lee Child’s books, with a muscular giant in the title role, instead of Tom Cruise…

Six years after the failure of Never Go Back, jack reacher is back. Except that apart from the name, nothing could suggest that this is the same character… The wandering investigator imagined by Lee Child in his detective novels arrives this Friday on Prime Video, in the guise ofAlan Ritchson (crossed into superheroes from Titans), in a brand new serial version, which seems miles away from the one embodied by Tom Cruise.

Physically already. This Reacher there is a meter more, in height and in width. He shines with his athletic charisma, a form of spectacularly imposing presence. Moreover, during the first 10 minutes of the series, he says nothing. A silence that speaks volumes… He knocks and talks afterwards! An approach to the character much more faithful to the novels, which will not fail to delight the readers of Lee Child, who found that Tom Cruise did not correspond at all to the role at the time.

In fact, the comparison between the movies and the Amazon show will come to an end. Because the two don’t really have much to do with each other. Reacher is retro entertainment that sends wood to nearly every scene, a action flick years 1980-90 as we do less and less. A thriller carried by an indestructible hero, with disproportionate biceps, and who connects slaps and fluff-pifs like Bud Spencer in the heyday. The detective plot isn’t really big, but it’s thick enough to last a season. Like this new Reacherendearing and powerful.

The series assumes and goes perfectly to the end of its mission of reinvention. Yes this Reacher is decidedly cool… but that doesn’t take away from the jack reacher by Tom Cruise and its very successful 2012 version (the sequel, much less). Proof that size doesn’t matter…

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