This valve that Amy Schumer was not allowed to say at the Oscars 2022

Amy Schumer

“On the other hand, you have the right to go on stage to slap someone!”

Amy Schumer did the job at the 94th Academy Awards. Co-host of the event, the American comedian with scathing valves says today that she could have gone further. At a stand-up party in Las Vegas last Saturday, (via Vanity Fair) Amy Schumer revealed that he cut a number of jokes from his Oscars monologue on the advice of his lawyers.

In particular a valve on Alec Baldwin – currently targeted by lawsuits after the accidental death of the chief op ‘of his last film – which she did not fail to share with her audience:

“Don’t Look Up is the name of a movie? Better not look in the direction of Alec Baldwin’s gun!”

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Amy Schumer then confided that he had withheld his blows towards actor James Franco, targeted by allegations of sexual harassment. “But I wasn’t allowed to say any of that at the Oscars… On the other hand, you have the right to go on stage to slap someone!” she launched in front of the spectators.

I have to say that Amy Schumer confided, in the wake of the ceremony, to have been somewhat traumatized by the gesture of Will Smith. On social networks, the actress revealed:I love my friend Chris Rock and I believe he handled this situation like a pro. He stayed on top and gave an Oscar to his friend Questlove. It was all so disturbing. There is so much pain in Will Smith…

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