Thor 4: How Taika Waititi Convinced Natalie Portman to Return to Play Jane Foster

“I had to talk to him and explain to him that I wanted to change his character just like we changed the character of Thor for Ragnarok…”

It seemed like she was done, for good, with Marvel, superheroes, demigods and the franchise. avengers. Absent from the MCU since Thor 2, Natalie Portman wasn’t even at the party Endgame and her character had been quietly erased off-screen, when it was vaguely, unceremoniously suggested to us that Jane Foster and Thor just broke up…

However, to everyone’s great surprise, the young woman will be back in Thor 4. But how Taika Waititi did he manage to convince her to come back for Love and Thunder ? He first explains to Fandango that he always had in mind to reinstate Jane Foster:

“Her character in the early movies is probably not the most exciting version of the female character that we’ve come to expect from those movies…So I had to talk to her and explain to her that I wanted to change her character just like we had changed character of Thor for Ragnarok, to give him more freedom to be adventurous, fun and funny. Because Natalie is a really funny person! Unfortunately, that’s not always the main focus when they come up with characters in movies…”

Zeus and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a blast in the new Thor: Love & Thunder teaser

Taika Waititi continue by explaining that we left Thor and Jane”in very different places. So everything was open. What really happened: did they break up? Who left whom? We had full creative freedom to do whatever we wanted along those lines!”

According to the trailers, it seems that Thor will fall for Jane again: “There is love in this movie on every level. Everyone has a little revival in one way or another – universal love and love for oneself, love for friends, love for the universe” insists Waititi. “You can assume a few things from the title, but don’t assume too much either! The image I had in mind looked like the cover of a good old steamy station novel. I want that to happen. feel like that (…) I approached things from an Officer and Gentleman (the 1982 film) angle, especially the ending scene… I think I was very influenced by the big romances when making this movie!”

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on July 6, 2022 in cinemas in France.

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