Thor 4: the terrible Gorr is revealed in the Love and Thunder trailer

Christian Bale will be the main villain of Taika Waititi’s film.

A month after the first teaser, Thor: Love and Thunder releases its official trailer, where we finally discover Christian Bale in action in the skin of Gorr the Slayer of the gods. A super villain for the first time embodied in the cinema who will obviously attack the God of Thunder, and undoubtedly Zeus, played by Russel Crowe.

In this new adventure, Chris Hemsworth will find the Guardians of the Galaxy, and can count on Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Nathalie Portman (Jane Foster), who now has the same powers as him. This new trailer, and especially its post-credits joke, also confirms that Love and Thunderstill directed by Taika Waititi, will keep a schoolboy tone similar to that of Thor: Ragnarok. See you on July 13 at the cinema.

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