Three good reasons to discover Pam & Tommy on Disney Plus

Pam & Tommy

The crazy series on Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee has just ended and will remain as one of the outstanding creations of the year.

The adventures of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee come to an end today on Disney Plus. The last episode of Pam & Tommy is online and concludes an incredibly fascinating journey into the heart of 1990s pop culture. A rock and destroy love story, carried by a glamorous cast, to catch up urgently. So if you still hesitate before succumbing to Pam & Tommyhere are three good reasons to crack.

Seth Rogen’s grain of madness

The retarded teenager Super bad and Pineapple Express has changed in size in recent years. With his friend Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen has put his mark on some of the coolest series of the decade. Of preacher at The BoysPassing by future-man, the Canadian actor fully embraces his geek side. And he is one of the instigators of the project Pam & Tommy. Certainly, we find him in the casting, in the skin of the loser with the mullet cut who stole the sex tape, to swing it to the whole world. But Seth Rogen is also and above all an executive producer, infusing all his love for the culture of the time into the series. From the beginnings of the Internet to madness Baywatchthrough the advent of grunge, Pam & Tommy traces the pop atmosphere of the 90’s with a delectable joy!

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Craig Gillespie’s vision

Beyond the sex, fun and rock n’ roll atmosphere, Pam & Tommy also has something of a classic tragedy in it. Director Craig Gillespie – who helmed the first three episodes – had something to do with it. He has become a specialist in the stories of wounded, abused women. First with the excellent Me Tonya in which he recounted the excesses of figure skater Tonya Harding. A heroine of reality who shares a certain number of past traumas with Pamela Anderson and this feat of having known how to stay upright in the media storm. Gillespie offers a new perspective, which encourages the viewer not to judge. Even when the woman in question is called cruella (Emma Stone), the director manages to create great empathy for his heroines.“Pam & Tommy touches on themes that I had already touched on in Me, Tonya, in the sense that we are talking about someone who society has really mistreated in the media. Who was ruined by public perception“, explained recently Craig Gillespie to Decide. “What’s interesting is how the media covered these stories and how the public consumed them. This series offered the opportunity to revisit this whole history (of the sex tape) through the prism of today and from a different angle”.

Pam & Tommy

The mind-blowing transformation of Lily James and Sebastian Stan

More than an acting job, the two interpreters of Pam & Tommy morphed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Which was not obvious on paper. The Marvel star, better known to moviegoers as the Winter Soldier, has completely changed his look. Just like the silky smooth ex-lady of Downton Abbey : “I only met the real Lily James at the end of filming actually… I didn’t see her for a minute without her blonde wig while we were filming!” says Sebastian Stan in the magazine Première. “She was really inhabited, unrecognizable, physically, but also in her performance. It was crazy, incomparable with what she has been able to do so far.“He too gave of himself. The Romanian-born actor spent years building muscle to play Bucky Barnes at Marvel. And within months, he had to lose everything to play Tommy Lee:”I was trying to lose weight and always felt like I wasn’t losing enough weight.” he confesses to EW. “And people told me I was crazy!“Sebastian Stan spent months training like a madman for the role: “I was running, trying to do 20,000 steps a day, then fasting for 16-18 hours a day…” A real devotion that ended up offering a form of astonishing accuracy to this incredible series that is Pam & Tommy. See it in full on Disney Plus.

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