Three great classics to watch for free on Arte.TV in January 2022

From Charlie Chaplin to David Lean, three black and white films that have marked the history of the 7th art.

The dictator (1940) – by Charlie Chaplin – available until 13/01/2022

The first film about Charlot is certainly his most famous, the most striking of his filmography, the most influential of his time. In the midst of World War II, the filmmaker ostensibly mocks the Nazi Regime and Hitler, and helps to shift the opinion of the American people, who were then reluctant to see the country engage in conflict. His earthy satire overflows with humanism and will earn 5 Oscar nominations. The dictator also became Chaplin’s biggest popular theatrical success.

The great expectations (1946) – by David Lean – available until 01/20/2022

The Charles Dickens novel published in 1860 has been adapted many times, from the very beginning of cinema. At the end of the 1920s, there were already half a dozen film versions of the Great Expectations. But David Lean’s, which comes a little later, is certainly the most successful of all. Ranked 5th Best English Film of the 20th Century by the British Film Institute, this sublime romantic epic worn by John Mills, Valerie Hobson and Alec Guinness arises as a great historical classic, in costume, from which Alfonso Cuarón has moved away for its free adaptation. and modern from 1998.

M (1951) – by Joseph Losey – available until 03/19/2022

In California, a child killer escapes the police. The local underworld sets out in pursuit … The masterpiece of Fritz Lang, M damn it, becomes a film noir in post-war Los Angeles, with this American remake almost shot for shot, in beautiful light and offered here in a restored version.

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