Three things to know about … Adventure is adventure

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Adventure is Claude Lelouch's adventure
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Claude Lelouch’s cult film is to be seen again this Sunday on C8.

While he has just unveiled the trailer for his next film, Love is better than life, Claude lelouch will be in the spotlight this Sunday on television, with the replay this Sunday of one of his most famous films: Adventure is adventure.

A film that tells the story after May 68

Adventure is adventure stages a band of five thugs who decide to renew their methods from top to bottom to get closer to more openly political and media actions, to the kidnapping of a Johnny Hallyday consenting to a hijacking or by playing the mercenaries for South American revolutionaries. One year after the failure of Smic smac smoc (294,305 admissions), Claude Lelouch will relaunch by embracing the societal turmoil of the time. After May 1968 in France of course, but more broadly the anti-capitalist rebellion which continues to gain momentum in the four corners of the planet while the United States is bogged down in an increasingly Vietnam war. more deadly. But he does it playfully, keeping his distance and having fun with how in this hectic time the most outlandish ideas can be most seriously followed as long as the wearer proves to be a peerless speaker. Selected at the opening of the 1972 Cannes Film Festival, Adventure is adventure will do better than find its audience. With 3.8 million admissions, it remains to this day the second biggest success of the filmmaker’s career behind the untouchable. A man and a woman and its 4.2 million spectators.

Claude Lelouch: “I am definitely a man of the present”

The refusals of Trintignant and Signoret

Adventure is adventure brings together an unparalleled cast that greatly contributes to its cult status: Jacques Brel, Lino Ventura, Charles Denner, Aldo Maccione and Charles Denner in the lead. But not all were the first expected interpreters. Before Jacques Brel, Lelouch indeed thought of his hero ofa man and woman and Thug, the faithful Jean-Louis Trintignant but the latter declined, not seeing himself in this character at the heart of a story in which he did not believe. And if Lelouch finds here Maccione to whom he had given his first role in the cinema in The thug, Marcello Mastroianni and a certain Bernard Tapie were for a time considered in his role. The filmmaker will find the second 23 years later for Men, women (instructions for use) but will never lead the first. Just as he will never tour with Simone Signoret, whom he had thought of to play a prostitute who harangues the crowd, finally played by Nicole Courcel. Signoret had not felt it like Trintignant, had not felt it.

The director of The party first assistant

To be his assistant director on Adventure is adventure, Claude Lelouch decided to join again with the one with whom he had collaborated on Smic, smac, smoc and The thug. The one who was also Jean Cocteau’s first assistant on Orpheus, by Henri Verneuil on Melody in the basement Where A monkey in winter, by Jean Giono on Croesus, by René Clair on All the gold in the world or Philippe de Broca on The Tribulations of a Chinese in China. A certain Claude Pinoteau. This will be his last experience in this position. The following year, he will move on to directing with The silent where he will find Lino Ventura as the main performer. Before the triumphs of The slap and The party.

Three things to know about … A man and a woman

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