Three things to know about… At war, by Stéphane Brizé

The fourth collaboration between Vincent Lindon and Stéphane Brizé is in the spotlight this evening of Place au cinema, presented by Dominique Besnehard on France 5.

Tight shooting

In war depicts the spokesperson for the 1,100 employees of a factory who have just learned, despite the heavy financial sacrifices they had made and the record profits of their company, of the total and brutal closure of the site which employs them. As in The law of the market, released three years earlier in 2015, Stéphane Brizé is inspired by facts and testimonies that are unfortunately very real. And to translate on screen the energy deployed by these employees in their tough fight and seemingly lost in advance, the filmmaker opted for a production that plays with the documentary, his camera remaining fixed on this union leader without counter- almost field. But Brizé also insisted on tight filming. Only 23 days for the voltage to remain intact.

The fourth Lindon-Brize collaboration

In war is the fourth film that Vincent Lindon has made under the direction of Stéphane Brizé after Miss Chambon, A few hours of spring and The law of the market. A few months for the release of their fifth collaboration, Another world, we asked the director what he would have done each time if Lindon had refused the role. His response was clear: I will still make the movie! I believe that actors – at least those who don’t have a job problem – are always right. To accept or refuse. Even if they refuse and they are wrong. Vincent owes me nothing, I owe him nothing. We move forward, we say things to each other with honesty, frankness and kindness. He is a very demanding person, never at rest, who doubts, who questions himself, his desire, his necessity. Always moving. And we both have an organic relationship to things, we don’t go through psychological explanations. He’s the only actor I’ve seen say to me: “I can’t do that”, but sometimes just over a meter to do. I try to do it for him and I understand why! Sometimes I correct him on a scene that isn’t working just by asking him to hold his chair differently and it works. Shooting is not an intellectual moment. »

The birth certificate ofA other world

This is the filming of a scene ofIn war which gave Stéphane Brizé the first click ofA other world, which he will shoot three years later, centered on an executive increasingly incapable of responding to the contradictory injunctions of his management. A meeting scene in a room at the Elysée where the bosses, executives and workers of the site threatened with closure are gathered and each in turn defends their points of view. ” What jumped out at me at that time is that the person with the most freedom of his word at that time was the trade unionist. The only one not to have double talk. And I started to want to explore the idea that executives are not necessarily comfortable with the increasing demands of their superiors in terms of reducing salary costs. Many feel caught between a rock and a hard place with a role to play increasingly remote from what was theirs twenty years ago. So I wanted a film about this figure “.

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