Three things to know about … Police

Directed by Maurice Pialat, the Gérard Depardieu-Sophie Marceau duo is in the spotlight tonight at Place au Cinéma, presented by Dominique Besnehard on France 5

An idea from Catherine Breillat

Police features a cop as brutal as he is deeply honest who sees his life turned upside down by his love at first sight for the ex-girlfriend of a drug trafficker behind bars. With this film, Maurice Pialat plunges into the world of cops and thugs and relies on all the investigative work carried out by Catherine Breillat, already a filmmaker (she has signed two feature films: A real young girl remained unique in particular due to the blockage of its distributor and Nocturnal noise who revealed it in 1979) who has just worked as a screenwriter for Fellini on And the ship sails …. Breillat immerses himself in a brigade of the Belleville district police station to set up a story that Pialat will first refuse and then re-sculpt in his own hand. Breillat protests, Pialat remains uncompromising and then calls on two beginners Sylvie Danton (who has been his partner since the filming ofAT our loves where she worked at the control room and who will then co-sign the scenarios of Under Satan’s Sun and Boyfriend) and Jacques Fieschi (who will continue with A few days with me by Claude Sautet). The Pialat-Breillat quarrel will end in court where she will obtain the presence of her name in the credits while, in parallel with the release of the film in 1985, she will release a novel by Albin Michel, also entitled Police

A filming under tension

Yes Police was the biggest success of Maurice Pialat’s entire career with 1.8 million admissions, his filming was the scene of clashes on all levels. With Sophie Marceau who complains to receive real slaps to provoke her tears and contempt of Pialat who will treat her as a “big bitch” in promotion. With Richard Anconina who leaves the set after Pialat launches that he has never seen a worse actor than him and only returns after reading a letter of apology from the director in front of the team And with Sandrine Bonnaire, his revelation ofAT our loves, annoyed to play only a small role because of the impossibility of compatible planning.

Gérard Depardieu crowned

With Gérard Depardien, on the other hand, everything is fine … but after a period of extreme cold, born of a tackle from the filmmaker to the actor shortly after their first collaboration on Loulou: “Depardieu, it’s a Rolls-Royce with a solex engine“. But on the set of Police, the quarrel is just a bad memory. And everything will end with a fanfare with an interpretation award received at the Venice Film Festival.

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