Three things to know about… Tchao Pantin

The unforgettable performance of Coluche in front of Claude Berri’s camera is in the spotlight this evening on 6ter.

The adaptation of a book by the co-writer of The swimming pool

Tchao Pantin stages a nocturnal friendship between two solitudes: an alcoholic and depressed pump attendant and a young drug trafficker. A life-to-death friendship because we will see the first step back from any danger to avenge the second after his brutal assassination. At the origin of this story, there is a novel published in 1982 by Alain Page, who also co-wrote the screenplay. And this was not his first attempt on the big screen. Fourteen years earlier, in 1968, he had taken his first steps there by co-signing the screenplay for The swimming pool by Jacques Deray with Jean-Claude Carrière, under the pseudo of Jean-Emmanuel Conil. And the one who will create for television the characters of the famous series Les Cordier, judge and cop, will even pass once behind the camera in 1986, the time of a feature film for the cinema: Taxi boy with Richard Berry and Claude Brasseur. Alain Page celebrated his 90th birthday last year.

A lack of enthusiasm … yet rewarded

It’s the story of a movie… that nobody wanted. Starting with its director Claude Berri who does not quite see what to do with this story when the producer Christian Spillmaecker offers it to him. With one detail that will change everything. Berri imagines perfectly in the role of the depressed pump attendant an actor whom he has already directed twice (in The Pistonné and The Schoolmaster) and that Spillmaecker has just produced in Banzai : Coluche. But the latter also begins to kick in touch, explains that he does not want such a black role, while in his life he is on the verge of hitting rock bottom. Since his abortive candidacy for the Presidential election in May 1981, everything has gone from bad to worse for him. His wife left the family home with their two children Marius and Romain, Patrick Dewaere committed suicide with the help of the rifle he had offered her and he, the number one public entertainer besides undermined by enormous money worries, has sunk into drugs. This character of gas station attendant worn out by life therefore has everything of the mirror in which he refuses to look at himself. And when he will finally agree to play him, Coluche will take this character and the film even further than the scenario let him guess. The critics will salute the performance, the public will be there (3.8 million admissions, the eighth biggest success of 1983 in France) and the profession will offer him his only César of his career (face, excuse the little, to Gérard Depardieu, Yves Montand, Michel Serrault and Alain Souchon) with a memorable show on stage to celebrate the triumph of this Tchao Pantin who will leave in all with 5 statuettes (including two for Richard Anconina alone: ​​hope and supporting male role).

Charlélie Couture’s first soundtrack

In 1981, he had his first public card with a 45 Tours extracted from the album Rock poems : Like a plane without a wing. And two years later, Charlélie Couture took a new step. He signs his very first film score for Tchao Pantin. A first that will not go without tomorrow. He has since composed more than 15 soundtracks for cinema, including Taxi boy, Like a plane by Marie- France Pisier or the French versions of songs by Randy Newman for Toy story (the first and the fourth episode).

Coluche and the cinema, cow love

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