Three things to remember from Nathalie Baye’s masterclass at Series Mania 2022

Nathalie Baye

The actress talks about her shoot with Steven Spielberg, her meeting with Xavier Dolan and the advice given to her by Romy Schneider.

One of the greatest French actresses was yesterday at Series Mania, for a meeting hosted by journalist, critic and author Jean-Pierre Lavoignat. Nearly an hour and a half of discussion around the cinematographic and serial career of Nathalie Baye, who notably distinguished herself on the small screen in The child of lights by Daniel Vigne The Shadow Men by Frederic Tellier nox of Mabrouk El Mechri or in Ten percent, with Cédric Klapisch behind the camera. A look back at this event in three excerpts.

She passed the trialsStop me if you can with Brian DePalma

In Stop me if you can, she plays the mother of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. But even for an actress of the caliber of Nathalie Baye, it was necessary to go through a casting to play in Steven Spielberg’s film. Except that things didn’t quite go as we imagined: My agent tells me that Steven Spielberg wants to offer me a role. I didn’t know Spielberg, well, just by name. I had to try out, and he was in Los Angeles “says Nathalie Baye. Impossible for her to go to the United States. ” So it was Brian De Palma who gave me the tests in his Parisian apartment. The tape was sent to Spielberg and I was taken. I was very happy. And from the first day of filming, coming out of costume trials, she bumps into him without wanting to and spills his coffee on him. ” He was adorable, and suddenly I didn’t have stage fright anymore. Like many greats, it is immensely simple. While for a Spielberg shoot, it’s like an entire city that is mobilized (…) I am convinced that he wanted an actress who had played with Truffaut “, assures the one who began her career in The American night.

She never thought she would make movies

Initially, Nathalie Baye had no cinematographic ambition. ” I was in the dance, then the theater, I had never thought that I was going to make cinema (…) For me, it was for bombs, bimbos “, she recalls. But after meeting Truffaut in his office, everything changes. The director initially refuses her a role, but sees something in her. The next day, she is taken to play Joëlle, the dedicated script girl. On the set of The American nightshe falls ” movie lover. » « The most difficult thing in this profession », continues Nathalie Baye, « is that there are no rules. You can be very good in a film that doesn’t work, and then you’re forgotten (…) To do this job, you have to know how to go through ups and downs, when the phone doesn’t ring (…) It’s a work attractive but can be very harsh. You have to be solid. Very professional. I will always remember Romy Schneider telling me: ‘You are real. Protect yourself’. It stayed with me for a long time. »

Xavier Dolan ran after him to Laurence Anyways

Xavier Dolan dreamed of directing Nathalie Baye, and the still rising director of I killed my mother and imaginary loves managed to contact her. An appointment was set up in Montreal, while Baye was passing through. The scenario of Laurence Anyways under her arm, he managed to convince her: I saw a young man arrive with his handsome face. He gave me a script that I thought was excellent. I said without hesitation that I was in. I want it or I don’t want it. And if I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter. They will also tour together Just the end of the worldof which Nathalie Baye remembers both her make-up and her hairstyle “ very limited “, and obviously to have shared the poster with the late Gaspard Ulliel:” He was a wonderful actor and partner (…) He really played with you, he was humble, he listened. It’s such an injustice, it’s awful. »

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