Three thousand years waiting for you: The genius trailer for the new George Miller

Idris Elba will grant the wishes of Tilda Swinton, today in Cannes.

This 4th day of the 75th Cannes Film Festival marks the great return of george miller after Mad Max: Fury Roadin 2015. With a work announced at the antipodes of his film filled with spectacular action scenes. Three thousand years waiting for youworn by Tilda Swinton and Idris Elbawas thought of as a “small” film, built mainly on dialogues. However, given his polished first images, the filmmaker seems once again to have taken care of his staging: after a first teaser frantically edited, stuffed with mind-blowing shots, here is his real trailer, just as fascinating. It starts more slowly, to introduce its heroine and its encounter with the Djinn who will change its life, then it accelerates, and crazier and crazier shots follow one another. “Make a wish! Save your life!”

George Miller: “I made Mad Max to find the essence of cinema”

Its synopsis is as follows, and Metropolitan Films has also unveiled its official poster:

Alithea Binnie, although content with her life, takes a skeptical view of the world.

While she is in Istanbul, she meets a Djinn who offers to grant her three wishes in exchange for her freedom.

But Alithea is far too erudite to ignore that, in fairy tales, wish stories end badly.

He then pleads her case by telling her about his extraordinary past. Seduced by his stories, she ends up formulating a most surprising wish.

Three thousand years waiting for you: poster
Metropolitan Films

Three thousand years waiting for you is selected out of competition. It will be released in theaters on August 24. By then, Miller should be well advanced with the filming of Furiosahis prequel to Fury Roadwhich will be worn by Anya Taylor Joy and Chris Hemsworth.

Mad Max: Furiosa has a release date

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